You must include these 10 items in your carry-on list when you go to the beach.

The beach is one of the tours that will never make you bored. Although most beaches are the same, this location is always crowded when the holidays arrive.

A vacation to the beach of course requires equipment to make it easier for you there. Not all beaches provide complete facilities, especially tours that are still quiet.

Here are 10 things to bring when traveling to the beach. See below, yes.

1. Provide a waterproof bag for the beach

The first thing you really need to bring is a bag. This thing of course serves to store all the other items. Try to bring a bag that contains goods so you don’t bother carrying or carrying several bags. Surely the holidays will be more comfortable, right?

Well, it’s even better if you prepare a special waterproof bag for traveling to the beach or locations that are prone to water and wetness. The reason is, you never know what will happen when you travel.

2. Bring a mat or mat when you go to the beach

Not all beaches have complete facilities such as gazebos or space to relax. So, so that your luggage is not dirty and you can enjoy the beautiful beach atmosphere, just bring a waterproof mat or mat.

You can lay out any mats or mats around the beach. Don’t forget to estimate the area of ​​the mat with the number of family members so that everyone gets a place.

3. Swimming and Diving Equipment

A vacation to the beach would not be complete without swimming or playing in the water, right? Well, of course you have to bring a swimsuit. Choose swimwear that has elastic material and is comfortable for any active movement. In addition, prepare some swimming equipment such as buoys and goggles for children to avoid unexpected things. For those of you who plan to dive, you can also bring diving equipment.

4. Don’t Forget to Bring Sunblock to the Beach

Maintaining healthy skin is very important even though you are on vacation. Use sunscreen cream aka sunblock all over the body such as hands, feet, neck, back and face. You don’t want your skin to be sunburned and scorched after playing on the beach, right?

You also need to know that UV rays are not very good if exposed directly to the skin. You need a sunblock with an SPF of at least 20. Apply about 20 minutes before sun exposure. You should also reapply the cream every four hours. In addition, to anticipate, bring a soothing gel to apply on skin that is reddened by the sun.

5. Sunglasses and Hat

Want to look cooler and cooler at the beach? You mustn’t forget the sunglasses and the hat. Guaranteed vacation photos on your beach will be more instagramable.

Sunglasses are also very necessary as eye protection. Sunlight that is too bright can interfere with eye health. In addition, glasses can protect the eyes from the wind and beach sand.

6. Bring Toiletries from Home

Instead of buying toiletries at tourist attractions, why not bring your own from home? This way you will save more expenses. After all, the toiletries sold on site may not necessarily suit you. So make sure to bring soap, shampoo and a toothbrush and toothpaste, okay?

7. Vacationing to the beach is the most suitable for using flip-flops

Stylish while on vacation is necessary, but you also need to adjust the places you visit, yes. Never wear heels, sneakers or flatshoes to the beach. Instead of being cool, you guys even got the wrong costume. Use flip-flops is enough, really.

8. Bring Food and Drinks

While on vacation, food and drink is something that should not be forgotten. It is also useful for saving expenses during the holidays. Prepare snacks such as bread, salad and chocolate. For drinks you may be able to bring refreshing juice.

9. Waterproof Case for Taking Pictures

Currently, there are many photos in the water. Even though you don’t have professional camera equipment that can go into the water, you can get photos like that only with your cellphone. Prepare a waterproof case that is now widely sold in the market. With this preparation, you can also take pictures of beautiful underwater biota.

10. Plastic Bags for Dirty Clothes and Garbage

One thing that you should not miss while on vacation is a plastic bag. This bag is useful for storing dirty or wet clothes. Also prepare another one as an up bag. Even though you are on vacation, you also have to maintain cleanliness everywhere, yes.