How To Get Rid Of Car Sickness?

Some people have a tendency to easily experience motion sickness or motion sickness. As a result, along the way they felt nauseated and even vomited. This condition is not dangerous, but it should be treated immediately so that the trip remains comfortable and enjoyable. Here are some ways to get rid of motion sickness that you can try.

1. Avoid consuming heavy meals before the trip

Before traveling, especially long trips, avoid heavy food consumption. If the stomach feels hungry, you should fill the stomach with snacks. It could also be to get around food portions, taking less than the normal portion before the trip.

The condition of a full stomach, coupled with shocks during the trip, will increase the risk of motion sickness. Especially if the time gap between you eat and start the trip is not too far. For that, try to eat in moderation and properly before you start the trip.

2. Choose a comfortable seating position

Car seat models that are in the opposite direction to the movement of the vehicle tend to easily trigger motion sickness. Therefore, as a way to get rid of motion sickness, choose a seating position that is in one direction with the movement of the vehicle. Thus, the position of the body with the motion of the vehicle is in the same direction. You will not feel the effect of your body being pulled in the opposite direction.

If you take public transportation such as trains, buses, or planes, several positions can be chosen to reduce nausea. Some of the recommended seats are the front seats for buses, window seats, and seats that are in line with the wings of the aircraft.

3. Get enough rest before traveling

Sometimes, motion sickness can also be caused by a tired body. For that, make sure you get enough rest before traveling far. If that is not possible, you can rest in the vehicle. Bring equipment that can help you rest comfortably in the vehicle, such as a neck pillow and eye patch.

4. Lie down when you start to feel unwell

If you start to feel unwell while traveling, lie down immediately. If it is not possible to lie down, take a comfortable resting position such as sitting back. Sit comfortably and straighten your legs as a way to get rid of motion sickness. Close your eyes until the nausea subsides. If you feel thirsty, you can drink mineral water.

5. Take anti-nausea drugs

You can also take preventive steps by taking anti-nausea drugs. Take the anti-nausea and anti-hangover medication at least 1-2 hours before the trip. You can use anti-nausea drugs that can be purchased without a doctor’s prescription, such as Domperidone or Metoclopramide which belongs to the antihistamine class.

6. Avoid reading books or using gadgets

Reading books or using gadgets while traveling can trigger nausea and dizziness. Because, these activities can cause misalignment between your eyes and ears. Therefore, as a way to get rid of motion sickness, you should avoid both activities. Instead, you can listen to music or chat with other people along the way.

Hopefully this review on how to get rid of motion sickness can help you. Apart from preventing motion sickness, you should also make sure your vehicle is in good condition before traveling.