5 Items That Look Trivial, But Must Bring When Traveling

Already getting tired of the endless work routine? Besides looking for inspiration at PosKata, there’s nothing wrong if you take a day off and go on vacation to refresh your mind.

To go on vacation, of course you already know the mandatory items that must be brought, right? Examples are gadgets, identity cards, to cash. Even though this is the digital era, it doesn’t mean that your destination already provides digital payment instruments, so cash is certainly still needed.

In addition to those already mentioned above, there are also items that look “trivial”, but are actually important to carry. What are those? Find the answer below, come on!

1. Sanitary Equipment

For those of you who decide to take a few days vacation, sanitation tools are certainly a must-have. Even though the hotel where you stay will be provided or there will be a mini market in the vicinity, there’s nothing wrong with bringing it from home. Moreover, for those of you whose skin is prone to allergies.

In addition, don’t forget to bring the necessary skincare equipment. Even though it’s a vacation, taking care of your skin can’t be a day off. If you want to try other skincare and are looking for recommendations, you can read the full information.

2. First Aid

This first aid kit is also still considered less important to carry. In fact, it never hurts to be on guard because you might need it. Just provide alcohol, plaster, and povidone iodine. Not too complicated, right?

In addition, you are also required to bring your personal medicines. Who knows, the tourist destination will be far from the pharmacy. Don’t forget, prepare vitamins too to help you stay fit during the holidays.

3. Small Bag

Instead of carrying a big bag here and there, take a small bag when you go on vacation. But, not too small either. At least enough to put a drinking holder, protect gadgets, and other important items.

4. Tumblr

Another item that looks trivial but is mandatory to carry is a tumblr or a place to drink. By bringing a tumblr, you can save more because you don’t buy too many drinks. In addition, you also help preserve nature by reducing the use of plastic. A win-win solution, right?

5. Pepper Spray

And lastly, for the girls, there’s nothing wrong with bringing pepper spray just in case. Although it looks simple, but this tool is powerful enough to be used to protect yourself.

Moreover, if you are traveling solo, bringing self-defense equipment is of course important. Don’t worry, in the market place there are already many who sell it, really. But, if you want to make it yourself at home, you can too.

Vacation Ready?

Those were 5 holiday supplies that look “trivial”, but are actually important to carry. How? Are you ready to go on vacation?

So that your vacation goes smoothly, it’s good if you plan it carefully. If necessary, create alternative tourist attractions to be visited. This is done to minimize the unexpected things that could happen. Have a nice holiday, ok!