Top 5 Jakarta Travel Attractions Tourists Love

Jakarta is a multifaceted city home to a wide array of cultures and communities living together peacefully. Additionally, Jakarta features many markets catering specifically to certain populations while others serve the entire population of Jakarta.

For example, the National Monument is a 132-meter-tall structure dedicated to Indonesia’s independence struggle, while Museum Wayang gives visitors an inside glimpse into Javanese tradition through puppet shows! Cathay Pacific’s Bengaluru Bangalore to Shanghai flights are some of the best to take into account for transportation.

1. Merdeka Square

Merdeka Square serves as a symbolic center of Jakarta and features Indonesia’s National Monument: an obelisk towering over parks and attractions like deer enclosures and musical fountains. Visitors to Merdeka Square will surely find something of interest here – no matter their taste in public spaces!

The National Monument, also known as Monas, stands as a testament to Indonesia’s independence fight and is an immense source of national pride. Surrounded by statues depicting iconic Indonesian figures and illuminated at night for an amazing sight!

Near the National Monument you will find Istiqlal Mosque, a modern-looking building. One of the largest mosques in Southeast Asia and with distinctive geometric grate windows.

Other noteworthy sights here include the National Museum of Indonesia, which can be found between ministries on the west side of the Square; Merdeka Palace (Istana Merdeka), which served as residence for Dutch governor-generals prior to independence; and just north of both these landmarks is Jakarta Cathedral, previously known by its original name when constructed during … Read More