7 Best Places to Eat in Kuningan, Jakarta

Central Business Districts like Kuningan, South Jakarta, boast a number of popular culinary spots that have existed for a long time. From street foods to fine dining establishments, you will never get tired of culinary options to satisfy your taste buds.   

Top Food Establishments You Should Try in Kuningan

Your culinary adventure in Kuningan should start in these 7 legendary dining venues:

  • Antarasa 

After Pontianak and Puri Indah Mall, Antarasa is opening another branch in One Satrio, Mega Kuningan, Setiabudi District. This dining place serves Indonesian and other Asian dishes with a modern touch while maintaining the distinctive flavors of the Nusantara region.

Several dishes are personally crafted by the famous Chef Juna and Chef Renatta, such as Grilled Konro Ribs and Goat Tongseng. In addition, they also have many signature dishes you should try like Spicy Salmon, Sour Ribs, Pao Sei, Soft Shell Kare, and Grilled Goat Mang Yopi.

Additionally, Antarasa offers a number of mouth-watering desserts. Some on the list are Durian Ice Cream, Earl Grey Tea Chocolate Tart, and Klappertaart. Antarasa is ready to serve you every day, but specifically on Friday and Saturday nights, you can enjoy live performances from talented musicians. 

  • D’Bollywood

Kuningan is also a perfect area to indulge in diverse culinary cultures including India. As the name suggests, D’Bollywood offers Indian dishes with a slight adjustment to suit the Indonesian’s taste buds. Yet you can still taste the authenticity of Indian spices on the menu, but much milder.

Cheese naan, chicken biryani, butter chicken, and kadhai chicken curry are the recommended dishes in D’Bollywood. So, if you want to have the ultimate Indian culinary experience, do visit this eatery in the Plaza Festival, Upper Ground Floor, Jl. HR Rasuna Said, Kuningan, South Jakarta. 

  • Loewy Jakarta 

Loewy Jakarta undoubtedly excels in delivering delightful and classy cuisine. Not to mention the interior of the restaurant radiates a cozy vibe, perfect for an unforgettable dining experience. A variety of Western, oriental, and Indonesian dishes are presented with elegance and rich flavors.

From dishes like egg benedict, croque monsieur, and mushroom linguine to Hainan rice and Betutu chicken, the restaurant offers a diverse and high-quality culinary experience.  If you want to enjoy the best dishes from Loewy Jakarta, let’s head to Oakwood Premier Cozmo at Jl. Lingkar Mega Kuningan, South Jakarta.

  • Soto Gebrak 

This legendary Soto eatery never ceases to attract food lovers hence you shouldn’t be so surprised seeing how crowded it is. A bowl of warm soto and its captivating presentation, known as atraksi gebrak, are the perfect combination to entertain and draw customers in. 

As for the menu, there are numerous choices of hearty and delicious soto, ranging from chicken, meat, and offal to the richly flavored rawon. Make sure to eat the soto with other delicious side dishes of your own choosing to complete your plate. 

Meanwhile, Soto Gebrak is located at Jalan Taman Setiabudi II No.17, Kuningan, South Jakarta.  

  • Noesaka 

Noesaka is a dining establishment serving a variety of traditional Indonesian dishes. Here you can taste hearty options of local delicacies including the Manado-style Sauteed Papaya Flowers, Sour Green Beans with Corn, and Tulung Agung-style Trancam.

The seafood at Noesaka is transformed into various dishes, such as Grilled Red Snapper, Samosir Red Snapper Arsik, and Red Snapper Pesmol. For those who want to taste Nusantara dishes in Noesaka, just head to One Satria at Jl. Mega Kuningan Barat, Setiabudi District, South Jakarta.

  • Bakso Solo Samrat 

This is one of the most popular bakso or meatball stalls in Kuningan. Located at Jl. Prof Dr. Satrio No. 10B, Setiabudi District, Bakso Solo Samrat  offers a variety of bakso, such as bakso filled with minced meats, bakso tenis rusuk, bakso filled with quail egg, bakso urat granat, and many more.

You can also customize your own meatball sauces to enhance the flavor even more. Not only is the meatball delicious, the hot broth is also savory and flavorful. Perfect combination to dig during chilly weather in Jakarta.

  • Warung MJS 

If you’re into spicy food, don’t forget to visit Warung MJS or locally known as Mbah Jingkrak Setiabudi. This culinary spot offers Javanese-style dishes with an exceptionally spicy twist. They have dishes such as oseng krecek (spicy beef skin stir-fry), oseng tempe jurig (spicy tempeh stir-fry), grilled red chicken, ayam setan, spicy sayur asem (tamarind soup), and lodeh (vegetable stew).

The sweat-inducing spiciness is complemented by the warung‘s enjoyable decor, which blends traditional Javanese elements with a modern touch. Enjoy the delicious dishes of Warung MJS by visiting Jl. Setiabudi Tengah No. 11, Setiabudi District, South Jakarta.

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