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Methodology 3 Of Three:making Different Kinds Of Lattes

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The Way To Make A Latte

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Make sure no foam enters the drink till you are about 1/4 in. from the highest, the place you’ll be able to remove your spoon. Tamping will create a “puck” of coffee.

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It is essential that this is evenly compressed so the espresso will brew evenly. Insert the steam wand diagonally into the milk, resting it slightly below the surface. Whole milk is the toughest milk to foam, but makes a extra flavorful latte because of its larger fats content. Two percent milk produces foam properly, while including somewhat little bit of creaminess to your drink. A good rule to observe is that you will want 6 ounces of milk per ounce of brewed espresso. For a single, small latte you will need about 6 ounces of milk.